A Day in Budapest

September brought my second time traveling to Eastern Europe and my first time to Budapest, Hungary. If you know anything about me you know that the primary way I prefer to see a city is to eat and drink my way through it. Now, being gluten-free, does not lend many choices in Eastern Europe where goulash and carbs run prevalent. This only meant that instead of finding glutinous treasures, the scenery and ambiance were the primary focus.

The Jewish Quarter

Spend a day here and walk around. It really is beautiful and educational. The synagogue, while emotional, is worth exploring. Also, nearby is Gozsdu Udvar, a fun street to walk down with a lot of fun cafe’s and bars. The Hummus Bar, while a local chain, is a really great place to stop for mediterranean food as well!

Castle District

This is where most of our time was spent. You can get lost, literally, wandering the cobblestone streets of the district. 21 was a great place to leisurely grab some soup and a glass of wine while taking in the history surrounding you. The music museum was also definitively worth stopping in.

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While we got rained out for a Danube river cruise, I hear it is a phenomenal way to see the city. If you love history and architecture this is definitely a city for you. If food is your driver there are definitely better cities to choose from. Overall though, Budapest is a lovely place that should definitely be on your travel agenda!


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