Style Travel Guide: Budapest & Paris

This fall will be my first time to Europe in six years! I can’t believe it has been that long, especially since I love venturing to that beautiful part of the world. This will be my first time going to Budapest and my first time being in Europe in the Fall so I am particularly excited for the outfits that I will be able to bring! Paris is beautiful in the winter but the cold means bundling up and not being able to walk around as comfortably to explore. The Summer can be muggy and, in general, I am not particularly in love with Summertime fashion options. All of this and more  will indeed expose a very specific type of excitement for piecing outfits together for this trip. I’ve decided to foster a specific approach to styling for each city.

Budapest will have a more colorful palate with an emphasis on keeping outfits simple with a bohemian quality while overtly adhering to the look in a classic way.

While in Paris, I plan on incorporating a more monotoned color scheme that will a blend fun silhouettes and edgy pieces with subtle sophistication.


So begins a series of posts that will follow me on the journey of planning, experiencing and reflection. Come along with me won’t you!




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