Single in Sin City: Especially in This Town

Well here I am. A 32 year old single woman living in Las Vegas. I moved back from 10401992_10100657654112918_747662870396366841_nCalifornia three months ago with a renewed sense of self and a fresh outlook on what I want my life to be. What do I want my life to be you ask? That answer is a simply eclectic one. I have come to understand, and be ok with, that not knowing things can be freeing. I know that I want to live life on my own terms and need to be surrounded by creativity. I know that I have amazing friendships and have a small, yet solid group of people who I absolutely love. But, most importantly, I know that I don’t need to know every precise detail about what my future looks like.

I have always been an anxious person due to the constant ramblings within my mind of ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybes’ and ‘I can’ts.’ This persistent nagging of emotional turmoil based on theoretical scenarios that most likely will never exist can be exhausting. Exhausted, that’s a good word to describe how I felt before I moved to California. I had a harder time turning 30 than I anticipated and the following year was spent drowning out that voice in 13925935_10101022643730798_7129929076986396773_omy head telling me it’s time to grow up and get serious about life. Too much partying. Too much dating the wrong people. Too much noise. And then I moved to California. It’s quiet there. No really,  literally quiet. Too quiet. My brain actually had to think and sort out the scrambled mess it had twisted itself into. It was not fun, but then, it was. I worked hard and let myself be just that, by myself. I will always love my time there but I was ready to come home. And then I got home.  I was so deprived from social encounters that I found myself slipping back into old ways and felt the twists starting to turn in my head again. Balance. That’s what this life thing is all about right? That’s what I keep hearing at least. I’ll let you know when I find myself floating perfectly horizontal on this see saw of life but until then…

But I’m 32 years old now. A grown-up. I can see when I need to take a step back and recalibrate. So after a Summer of fun, that’s exactly what I have done. Which leads me to ‘Single in Sin City.’ A life brand, if you will, of single’s in their 30’s and 40’s and hell, all ages. People who do not fit the mold of our ancestral generations when it comes to relationships. Those of us who have perhaps different outlooks but still are looking. Dating is an experience. It’s a process and at times a daunting one but if you cannot find the humor in it, then you’re doing it wrong. So the series begins, ‘Single in Sin City’ is born and with it comes tales of woe from all the real assholes to hoes. All stories are real, only names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Single in Sin City

Edition 1: Especially in This Town

This isn’t a story but more of a preface of those to come. Background, if you will, to help better lay the foundation for tales of the unique nature of this city. Las Vegas is a difficult place to date. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “especially in this town,” when referring to dating, as a whole, I’d be a able to retire. When I was in my twenties, I would dare to disagree with this. After all, I was at the clubs every night and loved looking at the handsome hosts and boys buying us bottle service were perfectly satisfying in my book. Oh young Crystal Ann, if I could slap you right now I would. But I digress.

It’s difficult because it is a 24-hour town and many people in the “industry” work odd hours, are surrounded by promiscuous tourists and game playing reaches far beyond the casino floor. Everyone wants you to believe they’re someone important. But as I have come to realize, everywhere has it’s reason for ‘especially in this town.’ In LA there is the Hollywood scene. In NY it’s the fashion or Wallstreet scene. Nashville has the musicians. It’s everywhere in towns big and small. Some factor that inhibits the ability to feel as though finding the exact person you are meant to be with, for the rest of your life is EASY. That right there is the problem. It shouldn’t be easy! It’s a dating battlefield out there and thats OK! Why is the concept that it is difficult to find such a mythical creature so astonishing to people? No really, why? Oh wait, I know. It’s because it’s exhausting. Because of all the game players and disengenuine people out there who have given you more than your share of battle wounds. So we get discouraged and that leads to frustration which ultimately leads to settling or committing to a life of single-hood.

But back to Las Vegas. Oh Las Vegas. It’s so transient. Everyone’s in and out, out and in. Even those who are permanent here usually exhibit the sense that they have one foot out the door. It’s unnerving, after all, to have both feet firmly in one place after years of walking through quick sand.

So get ready, for tales to come from those old and young, guilty and innocent, determined and ambivalent. Join me won’t you, on this journey of being Single in Sin City.


*Have a funny dating story to share? Comment below and let us all find comfort in knowing we are not the only ones*

XXOO GhanemGirl


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