Best Restaurants in Aruba 

I probably, and by probably I mean definitely, have a skewed perception of my time in Aruba due to the fact that I was with my amazing family, which just made every outing that much more enjoyable. img_1640

You’ve heard me mention my food allergies before so it should come as no surprise that I have grown accustomed to limited options while traveling out of the country. What was incredibly surprising, was how gluten-free friendly every place we went to was. I could argue that they had more options than many American restaurants I have visited. Trying to fit in everywhere to eat when you’re with a big group can be a difficult task to uphold. So, while I was not able to make every place on my list, the places I was able to go definitely did not disappoint. That being said, when you are in good company, any meal is an enjoyable one.

Aruba Restaurant Picks:

5. BLT at The Ritz Carlton

 While this restaurant is a chain, it’s a worthwhile one to try if you are craving a nice steak and good wine on your travels abroad. Located on the beach level of The Ritz Carlton, BLT maintains the adored beach vibe while adhering to a beautiful steakhouse atmosphere. Not too stuffy. Not too casual. It is, no question, something you would expect to see at The Ritz. Their wine list is diverse, as is their menu, and they are very accommodating to food allergies. I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list, simply due to it’s less authentic Aruban experience. However, with it’s great service, atmosphere and food, I definitely recommend you stop by BLT should you be craving a more traditional meal experience.

4. Mexicado at Hyatt Regency


I know what you’re thinking. Did I really travel all the way to Aruba for Mexican food? Don’t judge here people. This restaurant has such an amazing atmosphere that it is well worth the visit. Something about the ocean air and sitting in the sun all day just makes me crave chips and guacamole, and boy are theirs good. Located in the Hyatt Regency Resort Spa & Casino, Mexicado has all that you want when craving good Mexican food. It is kid friendly and has some great photo op areas to add to your album. So when you’re craving great Mexican food in Aruba, here you go.

3. Barefoot 

This was the first restaurant I have been too that you eat directly on the beach. We arrived just before sunset, which is exactly when I recommend going. The views are amazing so give yourself some time before your reservation for some photos. I had the Vanilla Skewered Scallops to start and they were absolutely delicious! My mother and I split the Romance of the Sea (Grouper, Snapper and Mahi) which was still a good sized portion per person. The wait staff was very accommodating to allergies and requests and even brought the kids some toys to play in the sand. The beautiful atmosphere and amazing food definitely make Barefoot a must-do while in Aruba.

2. Madame Janette’s 

The atmosphere of Madame Janette’s is probably one of my new favorites. It blends a classic French, romantic vibe with the surrounding atmosphere of Aruba. It’s a unique mix while feeling very homey. I was skeptical to order Carppaccio in another country but it was probably one of the best I have ever had. They’re known for the Almond Grouper and it’s clear why. From the waiters to the food to the atmosphere, definitely try Madame Janette’s and be prepared for a simply lovely experience.

1. Flying Fishbone


I think every person who recommend restaurants in Aruba said to make sure and try Flying Fishbone. To be honest, with all of the hype I had heard about it I was expecting to be let down. Boy was I wrong. This is by far one of the best restaurants I have been to. The atmosphere alone puts it at the top of my list. It has a very island feel to it but with a level of class that I think can be a difficult vision to execute. Flying Fishbone does it seamlessly. The tropically landscaped entrance leads to the white dining area and out to the water, which your table is in (should you want to eat outside but trust me, eat outside) and the blue illuminated water just instantly puts you at ease. The seafood is wonderful and to my surprise they also had gluten-free bread. If you have time for only one restaurant on your travels to Aruba, definitely make Flying Fishbone it.

Other restaurants that were recommended but I didn’t have a chance to try: 

(Zee Rover, Local Store, Pure Ocean, West Deck, Passions)


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