Travel Must Haves

Taking care of your skin while traveling is a new ritual for me but no question the most important one!


 I love to travel. LOVE. Seeing new places and revisiting old ones just makes me happy. That being said, with each developing wrinkle comes letting go of a piece of the carefree mentality. I no longer have a desire to just throw a bag together and hop on a plane with intentions of figuring it out along the way. Maybe I’m just giving in to getting old. Maybe I have become more neurotic through years of experiences. Perhaps, the more likely scenario is,  I just prefer to be comfortable and take steps to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

My Favorite Travel Products: 

Here are a few key things to incorporate into your travel routine:

  • Prepare: I like to keep a small cosmetic case in my purse or backpack with all of my necessities so that I can just grab it and throw it in my bag at any moment. A tip my cousin taught me years ago, is to restock your bag when you get back from your trip. This really is a time saver if you’re packing in a hurry and helps you to not forget things.
  • Makeup: Keep it light. Let your skin breathe. I go nowhere with out my Laura Mercier Camoflauge concealer. When at all possible, I just dab on where necessary and call it a day. If you need to, you can finish your face on the plane before your land. I also really like Smashbox CC cream because it covers imperfections, hydrates and has SPF while not being to heavy on your skin. On days when I am flying after work, I keep my Koh Gen Do face wipes handy so I can clean my skin before exposing it to the harsh plane air.
  • Hydrate: Flying and traveling can be tough on your skin. Being on a plane can dry out your skin and make it difficult to feel fresh when you land, especially if you have to head somewhere straight from the airport. Drinking water is essential, as always, to stay hydrated but don’t forget to treat your skin to a little extra TLC as well. It’s not always possible but an ideal scenario involves traveling with no makeup on and focusing on some moisturizing masks that you can leave on during your flight. When that’s not possible, make sure to apply a good moisturizer before you apply makeup and you can touch up with some eye cream throughout the flight. Also, keep a small hand lotion at the ready and make sure to apply every time you wash your hands, which can really dry your skin out. Chapstick is also an absolute must, especially in the winter. Nothing can be more distracting than chapped lips so make sure to keep them protected.
  • Medicate: You can’t always predict what your body is going to do, especially when you’re in a confined space with no option of leaving. For this reason I like to keep some emergency medicine for that unexpected headache or allergy attack that decides to ruin your life. Advil, Benadryl, and Claritin are my staples and my lactose intolerant self ALWAYS has a Lactaid for that emergency cheese indulgence that sneaks up on you.

No matter where your adventures take you, make sure to have a cosmetic bag at the ready and make sure to enjoy the ride! 

Cheers! XXOO GhanemGirl 


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