Endless Drama

What is it about Halloween in Las Vegas? It literally seems as though that is the day the weather decides to shift. October 30th.. 100 degrees. October 31st.. 50 degrees. That might be a dramatic perception of reality, however it’s more or less the truth. If we are lucky, we get a solid two weeks of perfect Fall weather.

I cannot wait for Fall to be in full swing. These deep red tones are something I am looking forward to incorporating into my wardrobe. It can be difficult to find just the right shade that compliments your skin tone but once you do it’s a match made in heaven.


I try to subscribe to the notion of balancing a busier piece with simple accessories. If your dress has a pattern or busy texture then try and wear solid accessories that don’t have too much going on. That way each piece stands out against it’s counterpart while creating a cohesive outfit as a whole.

So come on Fall, I’m ready for ya!
XXOO GhanemGirl

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

Wilbur Gussie man bag
$160 – brandoutlet.borderfree.com

Mateo gold jewelry

Burberry lipstick
$34 – net-a-porter.com

Tom Ford eyebrow kit

Tom Ford nail polish
$36 – harrods.com

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