In Denver We Trust

In Denver We Trust.

Have you ever been to Denver? It’s a land of handsome bearded men and delicious craft beer. A place where you can wear no makeup and fit right in. Or get dolled up and feel like you are going to a red carpet event where nobody cares who you’re wearing, but just stares at you like you are a lost puppy that deserves to be abandoned on the side of a road. It’s the place I first learned the term “Granola” in description of women and now use it as an accurate descriptor. Please don’t take these comments as criticism, quite the opposite. It is because of these things that I fell in love with Denver and continue to do so every time I visit.

I love Denver. LOVE. The people are great and the city has such a unique vibe it’s hard to describe in words. I think every Uber driver told me how much the city is changing and a lot of local natives aren’t thrilled with it so I hope that doesn’t evolve into diminishing the charm I feel when I’m there. Regardless, last Thanksgiving I took my mom to Denver and we had such a great time. We do a mother-daughter trip every year and typically have very similar tastes so it makes it great for a travel partner.

Here are a few of my favorite things in Denver:


Bistro Vendome

A friend recommended this to me in Larimer Square. Originally we weren’t going to go but decided to try it at the last minute. SO glad we did because the food is amazing and the atmosphere is so quaint and wonderful that I couldn’t imagine our trip without having experienced it. I am a huge fan of French restaurants and this one was a prime example of why. Charming Atmosphere. Great Service. Delicious Food.


Snooze is famous, or so I’ve been told. All I know is that it’s famous to my stomach. I would go to Denver just for their breakfast. There is always a wait but there is always a mimosa to tide you over and they’ve added some outdoor seating under their covered patio while you wait for your table. There are multiple locations so the setup might be different than the one on Larimer. There has never been an item I have ordered that I didn’t absolutely love.

Green Russell

Green Russell is a Speakeasy of the best sort. You walk into Russell’s Smoke House, the most adorable diner, and sneak off to the side hostess to enter your name on the list. I’ve always been told it’s a long wait but it never ends up being too unbearable. The food at the diner is pretty decent and they have drinks to tide you over as well. Once you enter the secret door, you walk into a darkly beautiful but rustic bar that really does feel like what I imagine a real Speakeasy would feel like back in the day.


Sam’s No. 3

SO GOOD. There’s always a wait but if you head to the bar area there’s open seating and amazing bloody mary’s! This breakfast is no joke. The portions are large and the taste is phenomenal. It has more of a sports bar feel but with a quaint charm that makes it very welcoming. And their bacon, OH THEIR BACON.

XXOO GhanemGirl


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