Brunch: The Most Important Meal of the Day

As you will find out, should you continue reading my random babblings about life, Brunch is quite possibly my favorite meal of the day. Partly because I love breakfast food. Partly because I love dressing up and getting together with friends. Mostly because I like feeling justified in my day drinking. Brunch and mimosas just go together like Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous. (If you don’t know what Perfect Strangers is…we probably wouldn’t get along in person)

I have some really great dresses for Brunching. I buy things specifically for the occasion. But then comes Sunday morning and the inevitable hangover that comes with it and I consider it a success if I am able to put pants on before I leave the house. So, my poor beautiful dresses stay untouched on their hangers just waiting for me to get my life together.

One thing I am not is a “Party Brunch” person. I don’t want to go party at 12 pm on a Sunday. I want to eat and drink and have some funny conversations in a quiet-ish environment. If you are that type of person I applaud your stamina and Las Vegas has some really great places to do just that.

My favorite brunch spots in Las Vegas  include The Country Club at Wynn – Jazz BrunchVeranda at Four Seasons and DW BistroPark on Fremont has a $20 bottle of bubbly and good eats if you’re in the Downtown Las Vegas Area, and their patio has an awesome vibe. Also Downtown, on Main St. is Makers & Finders. Their Lavender Latte is something worth making the trip for. I have heard that Bardot Brasserie has an amazing Brunch and it’s next on my list to try!

Mom and I at Makers & Finders for their UNLV Brunch

So back to the dresses. I like to feel bright and fun, but need a dress with some “breathing room” because I take the buffets very seriously and don’t hold back. For me though, shift dresses are hard to pull off. They’re made for girls with more of a straight lined body type. When you have curves – like me – it can sometimes make you look bigger in all the wrong places. That being said, sometimes you find one that is cut with more structure and can be flattering – those are my favorite daytime dresses.

Here are a few outfits made with Brunch in mind to help inspire you for your next mimosa filled Sunday Funday, or Saturday or Tuesday…this is a judge free zone.

Brunch Style
Dressed Up
Untitled #246
Pink things

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