My mother swears she brought me here as a child. I believe her because of pictures, not from memories. My lost childhood memories are fully relived in the adult version of myself. I enjoy everything about Bonnie Springs Ranch. Approximately 5 miles from Red Rock Canyon National Park, this little throw back Western town comes with a petting zoo, old town shoot outs, a train ride and a cheeseburger that will make you drool.

Luckily for us, we got a break from the intense Summer heat this past Saturday with cloud cover and lower temperatures that allowed for the kids, and us grown-ups, to run around and enjoy all of the entertainment. It is a $10 fee to enter the town and petting zoo. Once inside, you can wander down the old Western town, complete with a show in their saloon that culminates in a good ole fashioned shoot out. They serve beer, whiskey and soft drinks – the kids love the show, the adults are thankful for the whiskey.

On our way out we stopped to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. It faces a duck pond that is oddly mesmerizing to look at while you’re eating. The restaurant itself has great burgers and beer to wind down after a few hours of chasing toddlers around. Don’t forget to sign a dollar and put it on their ceiling in the bar before you leave!

*Don’t wear anything you don’t mind getting ruined, the deer with slobber on you, in the most adorable way. Also, closed toed shoes are recommended. You’re walking through dirt and rocks that tend to find their way into sandals. I love Toms because I throw them in the wash when I get home and they’re good as new.

**There’s a lot of space inside the town and saloon for events, something that I would, one day, love to coordinate!!**


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