I have a rationally irrational fear of showing up to an event in the same dress as someone else. It has happened once and it was one time too many for my taste.  I have some simple rules of thumb that have proven successful in the matter of avoiding the dreaded “who wore it better” debacle – especially when the other person definitely wore it better.

  1. Avoid shopping at popular department stores in your area:
    • In Las Vegas, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom are the most popular go-to shopping destinations. They have great buyers but since their customers are many of the charitable event attendees it creates a far more likely chance that you will be purchasing the same dresses. (If you do go, I recommend Phil Hernandez, the personal shopper, at Neiman Marcus. He will know exactly who bought what for which occasion and will never let you leave in something that doesn’t flatter you)
    • Try and find local boutiques that cater toward your style and are more likely to have more of a niche selection.
    • Be careful with online shopping. Similar to department stores they have mass amounts of similar brands and can attract the same buyers.
  2. Go for unique brands:
    • Finding brands that are under the radar but still quality driven are key to avoiding running into your doppelgänger.
    • Find a brand that defines your style. I am obsessed with Australian brands right now: Keepsake, Stylestalker, Finders Keepers and C/Meo Collective being my favorites. Misha Collection is also catching my eye as of late.
  3. Think Ahead:
    • Think about the events you have coming up in the next six months to a year, or longer.
    • One of my favorite, yet impatient, strategies is to buy ahead, wait a season and then wear a dress. I try to avoid trends so I’m never overly concerned with being “on trend” with my outfits. A lot of people buy for an event so by waiting to wear something you avoid the risk of having the same, hot off the rack, dress.

Las Vegas has no shortage of charity events to attend. Some are better than others. On Saturday night I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful one for the first time. The Nevada Broadcasters Association Annual Gala. The event took place at the Four Seasons Hotel, which always demonstrates its class and sophistication. This event supports scholarships for journalism students in Nevada and anything that supports education and facilitates the possibility of a college education is something I will always get on board with. The cocktails and socializing were fun, light-hearted and entertaining. The speeches, that included Senator Harry Reid, and other prominent figures in the Nevada community were endearing and the students who had the opportunity to gain scholarships were inspiring. It was a wonderful evening with wonderful people in a wonderful place.

Dress:  AQ/AQ from

Shoes: GX by Gwen Stefani

Jewelry: Bvlgari



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