Downtown Las Vegas, how I have missed you.

After a year away in California I have returned home, it is where my heart is after all. That being said, if I had to choose a favorite part, it would come as no surprise to any that know me, what really makes that heart of mine beat. Oh yes, it lies in DTLV.

So much has changed. So much has stayed the same.unnamed

This past weekend I ventured out unto the night to celebrate a birthday. As much as I mention the heat, I never seem to respect it. “Oh I won’t get hot in this,” my delusional mind likes to convince myself. That being said, I could wear a wet bathing suit out and would bitch about it being too hot. I mention all of this because on this particular evening on the streets of downtown, I knew very well there would be a wait at Carson Kitchen and that we would be walking around a bit until we settled on a dinner spot. “A leather skirt will be fine,” I said. “There’s nothing hot about leather in August in Las Vegas,” I said. “Why God, why am I wearing fucking leather?” I later cringed. Regardless of my whining, I was thrilled that some of my favorite haunts are still as thrilling and vibrant as ever.

The tequila selection at La Comida is amazing, said by a non-tequila drinker so what do I really know except that I have liked every one I have ever tried there (Chamucos Blanco being my favorite). I am sad to see that their Jalapeno Margartia is gone but, fear not, the amazing bartenders will accomodate your desires. Something that really makes me happy is that the food seems to be far more tasty than I remember! And their chips, OH THEIR CHIPS. Thank you La Comida for feeding us deliciousness and providing the proper sustanance that a night of boozing requires.

Now about the boozing. Commonwealth actually has some of my favorite cocktails in town but I was not in a fancy cocktail mood. I was in a ‘stick to my staple’ vodka and water type of mood, which can only mean one thing – DANCING. I’ve danced horribly at many places downtown, but there is no better one, that proves just how white of a girl I am, than the rooftop at Commonwealth. Their DJ’s spin just the right mix of hip hop, pop, dance and whatever else moves those feet of yours- it never disappoints, never. But that brings me back to the leather. Dancing in a leather skirt in 105 degree weather at midnight after a decent amount of tequila and vodka causes my most hated thing, sweat. Ugh (is the only word to truly describe the feeling, if it’s even a word? – but that is for another conversation). So leather was a bad choice. But if that is the worst choice I made on a Saturday night then I consider the night a success.

Thank you DTLV for giving me exactly what I needed – the revived beating of my homesick heart.

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