The runaround
IT’S HOT! This Las Vegas Summer heat has hit its stride. Unfortunately for us common folk, the need to still operate as functioning adults does not subside in the Summer months. Groceries still need to be bought. Gas still needs to be pumped. Dogs still need to be walked. And all of those other seemingly minuscule tasks that the summer months tend to make more tedious, need to be accomplished. If you’re anything like me, then the thought of putting on “real” clothing when it’s 115 degrees outside is an effort all in itself. That being said, over the course of years worth of trials and errors, I have developed a simple strategy that accomplishes both staying cool and feeling confident while
maintaining your image.


  1. Keep It Simple:
    • As much as you might want to layer on pieces and wear your favorite bulky shoes, don’t. The best way to survive the heat is to tone it down and think light.
  2. Wear White:
    • Unless you’re a Botox in the armpit connoisseur, skip any colors that show sweat marks. Even sleeveless shirts show the unavoidable signs of perspiration that can be distracting.
    • While black easily hides the dreaded sweaty armpit stain, it also attracts heat. Wearing white will avoid embarrassment and keep you cool all at the same time.
  3. Sandals Sandals Sandals:
    • Skip the sneakers, wedges and closed-toed flats. Opt for breathable sandals instead and keep the air setting in your car set to hit your feet as well to keep the swamp feet at bay in between errands.
  4. Accessorize:
    • Here is where you can add a bit of flair to spark up your mood. Pick a bold necklace and purse to turn an ordinary outfit into something fun and naturally eyecatching.
  5. Ditch The Makeup:
    • Coming from someone who loves makeup, I always feel better and less like my face is melting off when I skip the foundation. Instead, I prefer a CC cream finished off with a touch of concealer, bronzer, lip gloss and mascara.

These tried and true methods have always succeded for me because, afterall, the key to really feeling fabulous is feeling comfortable.




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