Chicago has a piece of my heart. It was the first place my father allowed me to accompany him on a business trip. I was twelve. I returned a few years ago as an adult and fell in love with something far beyond a nostalgic memory of a time long gone. There is an energy about the city, its people, that fills me with joy. Last year, for the first time, I took a river boat tour from the Architectural Foundation. It was a misty, cold and cloudy day but that added to the aesthetic that felt like I was living in a foggy dream. I’ve heard the Winter’s are unbearable. Given the fact I only am familiar with the Summer version of Chicago it is all I have to base my opinions on. And those opinions are ones filled with love, laughter and a vibrancy that cannot be described in words.

Thank you Chicago for awakening the adventurer in me and showing engulfing me in your beauty.



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