Colorado has a plethora of natural beauty to it. It’s also a short flight from Las Vegas and relatively inexpensive should you book enough in advance. It’s seldom that I say no when invited on a trip. Traveling is, after all, my favorite thing in the world to do. Who you go on adventures with is the most important aspect of any vacation. It truly can make or break the experience. I was lucky enough to get to know some absolutely amazing girls last year and will be forever grateful for the experience.

Two bucket list items also got checked off: going white water rafting and sitting in the cockpit of a plane in flight. Having experienced aspen in the winters, as a child, I completely fell in love with their Summers. The town has wonderful bars and restaurants with adorable little shops. The people are friendly and the food is good. None of this would matter, however, should I not have been in the company of like minded souls who each posses a good heart, an infectious laugh and a vibrant soul.

Until next time Aspen. Cheers!



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