Coffee: What Dreams are Made Of

Coffee is the savior of my life. I grew up dipping my Arabic grandmother's cookies in her homemade Turkish coffee so I was predestined to be a lover for life. I like it black, strong and iced. That is my happiness. However, give me a flavored latte and I will not complain. In fact, Maker's … Continue reading Coffee: What Dreams are Made Of


Stay cute in the cold!

  It can be easy to fall into the winter doldrums. It's cold, there's comfort food everywhere and hibernation mode instinctively kicks in. But ladies let's be honest. Come February, with Spring weather in sight, comes the wish that we hadn't embraced the elasticity of leggings and let our feet grow accustomed to the constant … Continue reading Stay cute in the cold!

What to Wear to a Holiday Party

  Oh the holidays - what a joyous time filled with laughter and cheer! Coworkers, friends and families alike, all gather and celebrate the year gone by with hopes and dreams for the one to come. It also seems to be the time where everyone decides to celebrate in the same week, leaving you to recover from the foggy … Continue reading What to Wear to a Holiday Party